From the Farm – Potatoes, Eggplant, Fruit

Last week for some reason I didn’t make a lot of food. It wasn’t that we weren’t home I just didn’t cook a lot. I did make a couple of dishes though and they turned out very good. One was a classic that I was hoping that I didn’t screw up, the second was a salad that I decided to try, and the third was one that I was trying to make something that we weren’t crazy about into something that we would like!


We have started getting a lot of potatoes from the farm recently. I had a few left over from the last time I had gotten some and then we got more last week. That called for my very favorite, German Potato Salad. The German Potato Salad that I make is a recipe that was passed down from my great-grandmother. I remember her making it when I was little for big family gatherings and everyone trying to get a little bit of it. So good. Sorry, I’m not giving this recipe away!


The second I wanted to try was a salad. I knew that we had all of the ingredients since we have been getting a lot of this from the farm. The only thing I had to get was the avocado. The dressing that I put on this was a Lemon, Parsley Vinaigrette. It was very very good! I found the recipe here.

The last dish that I decided to try was one that I was really just trying to make eggplant more enjoyable for both of us. Sean and I have adjusted to eating some eggplant but I am still trying to find ways that make us enjoy eating it. This recipe turned out pretty good actually. Eggplant pizza. I cooked the eggplant in the oven for about 15 -20 minutes until it was soft but not mushy. I then topped it with pizza sauce, pepperonis, and cheese. I put it back in the oven for about 10 minutes to melt everything. Once I had it all melted I actually just packed these up for lunches in small containers. Even heating them up has been pretty good and it is a good combination of food!


Maybe over the next week I will make a few more dishes with our farm food!

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