From the Farm – Pickles and Sorbet

Holy cow I made these a long time ago but they were awesome options!

I made some refrigerator pickles. I had to get a big container because I didn’t have one big enough.  Once I finally got the container, I cut up all of the cucumbers, then I cut up jalapenos and banana peppers. Once I had everything in the container I just started pouring vinegar. I used some apple cider vinegar and then used the rest regular vinegar. I put in some fresh dill, some dill seed, a little bit of sugar, and some pepper. The pickles are spicy but awesome!

We’ve had them on everything from hamburgers to fish sandwiches to just eating them. So very good!

Item number two was Cantaloupe Sorbet. I don’t remember exactly what I did but I am pretty sure that I just blended the cantaloupe until it was pretty much liquid and then I added a little bit of  vodka so that it wouldn’t freeze all the way and a little bit of sugar water. It is very excellent. DSCN4438

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