French Onion Soup

Lately I have really been in the mood for some soup. It is starting to get colder now on the east coast and that means soup season! I have always really enjoyed French Onion Soup and mentioned it to my mom a couple of times that we should make some. We never did because she said it take a lot of work and she didn’t have a good recipe.

Now I know why she said that. It did take me a while to make this soup but it was worth it. I found a recipe here and decided to go for it. After looking at the recipe for several weeks I decided it was finally time to make some.

Was it hard to make? No, not really, just time consuming. Luckily I was waiting for us to have our chimney cleaned so it wasn’t really a big deal that it took a little while.


The onions starting to carmelize.

After I added the wine to the onions.

After I added the beef broth to the onions.

The finished product with french bread and mozzarella cheese.


I was a little bummed out though that we don’t have any small crocks to place in the oven to heat it so I had to improvise in the microwave.


Sean didn’t seem to mind too much that we couldn’t put them in the oven, he really enjoyed the soup a lot!

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