From the Farm – Pesto Potato Pizza

When Sean and I were in college, one of our drunk go to foods was pizza. We both loved it and there was something oh so good about a pizza at 2am. Our favorite place to get pizza from was Mad Mushroom. Everyone would typically go for their cheesy bread as it was cheep and a great option. We enjoyed it but we quickly found we had a new favorite. They were gourmet pizzas that had toppings like pesto, potatoes, and other no so typically toppings for pizza. Neither of us cared because the pizzas were outstanding.

I think that we may have tried this one other time but it was time again to take a chance and see if we could make the Basil PotatoHead pizza. This pizza was regular crust, a layer of pesto, cooked potatoes, onions, and lots of cheese. I can’t say that it was a Mad Mushroom pizza but it was pretty good. It was super easy too!

DSCN4456I think we still may have to make a visit back to Purdue and go to Mad Mushroom just to get a gourmet pizza because they really were that good!


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