Vacation Part 1 – Wedding

Sean and I just got back from a vacation of a lifetime. I hope that we have more vacations down the road just like this one. You know it was a great vacation when you get back and it feels like you have been gone for weeks but it was really only 10 days.

Where all did we go you ask? Well since this trip was 10 days and there were multiple parts to this trip I will be blogging multiple posts due to how much we did and the amount of pictures I will want to post.

Starting off we flew in to see my parents for a short time at the beginning. They were gracious enough to open the bed and breakfast for one night and then pack us up and drive us north to Indianapolis. Sean even got a home cooked to order breakfast out of it.

Indianapolis was the second stop on the trip. We had a wedding to attend and actually Sean was in the wedding. That meant Friday night was the rehearsal and Saturday was the wedding. Below are a couple of pictures that I took as the happy couple walked out through the bubble tunnel.



This wedding was for a fraternity brother of Sean’s. He is a few years younger than Sean and he was very social so there were a ton of brothers invited to the wedding. The picture below was of all of the guys that attended the wedding. (PS Sean was the old man of the group. LOL)IMG_1026
Sunday after the wedding, we left with one of the fraternity brothers for our next destination. Chicago.

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