Vacation Part 3 – Train Trip

This was the part of the trip that was really something Sean wanted to do. He had found this trip online and was incredible excited to try it out. I on the other hand had in the past had not had good experiences with Train travel but after some time I was willing to give it a shot. We got lucky enough and found a buy one get one for the trip. So what exactly did our trip entail?

We rode on the Pullman Rail Journeys from Chicago to New Orleans. This is considered a private car and it rides on the back of the City of New Orleans Amtrak train. We were really hoping that there would be enough people and we would get the dome car as well but it was only us and one other couple so we only had one car. Our sleeping quarters (which we really didn’t get a good picture of) was small but it worked for one night. We had bunk beds and a small bathroom. We had a lot of luggage with us so the bathroom ended up being where we had to store part of the luggage.


The trip started off by us leaving Chicago at 8pm on Tuesday night. Dinner was served not long after we left. Appetizers were a relish plate with celery, olives, and pickled watermelon. Dinner followed and I had a beef tenderloin and Sean had Chicken in a mushroom sauce. They were served with asparagus and potatoes. Dessert was a frozen chocolate mousse. Everything was very good!


Our beds actually folded out of the wall so our Porter folded them down for us while we were at dinner. The chairs and table that were in there folded down under the lower bunk. Sleeping on the train wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be and you just got used to the rocking of rails. Breakfast was served the next morning. I had french toast and Sean had Steak and Eggs. Everything was sooooo good!


Most of the day we just hung out talked with the other couple and I slept a little bit (of course). Lunch was served around 12:30, which we didn’t take any pictures. Everything was very good though! By the time we finished lunch and things were cleaned up we were pretty much in New Orleans. We arrived pretty much on time around 3:30pm.


This was the tiny kitchen the chef made all of our food in while we were on the train.DSC01023

Next up was New Orleans and lots of new adventures.

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