From the Farm – Spaghetti Sauce

This year I decided to get a whole box of tomatoes and start making some sauce. Spaghetti sauce is a favorite around our house and last year we discovered that we really like the homemade stuff better then the store bought stuff. So this year my mission was to make enough sauce to last us through the winter. I started with a full box of tomatoes (they were seconds so there were a few spots in them but nothing terrible).DSCN4443

I cut all of the tomatoes up but I had to do it in shifts because they wouldn’t’ all fit in the pan at the same time. I think I filled the pot four times total that day!

We ended up with 20 containers of spaghetti sauce but let’s see how long it lasts. DSCN4446

I even made fun labels for the tops of the containers! (I do have a problem of putting things in containers and then I don’t know what is in there so it was good to put labels on containers!) DSCN4447

Download blank labels!

Labels1 Labels2 Labels3 Labels4

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