Fall Decoration

As the weather is finally starting to get cooler I wanted to do a little decorating around our house. Since we moved in I haven’t gone crazy buying all types of decorations as I feel they make the house feel cluttered and so I don’t go overboard with any holiday in our house. Ok maybe that isn’t true…Christmas probably gets more attention then any other holiday.

But I digress. This year I decided I wanted something on the mantle and knew that I had some left over burlap from another project that I had worked over a year ago. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do until I found on Pinterest that you can print with your printer onto burlap.

So I tried it out and voila! (Sorry I didn’t take process pictures because I had absolutely no clue if it was going to work out or not.)

UntitledMister Sean wasn’t crazy about it at first but it is starting to grow on him. Me on the other hand, I love it! Simple but cute.

Now it is on to bigger projects. I am starting on some Christmas projects that are going to take a lot of work! Let’s hope I get them done!


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