The Christmas Tree Tradition


Last year I wanted to see how Sean would do with cutting down a tree rather then just going to a lot and picking out a tree. We really enjoyed it last year so it was on the must list to do this year.

We go to a place about 30 minutes north of our house. This tree farm is huge and you never know where they will drop you off to let you start roaming. This year we were dropped off in almost the dead center of this picture far behind the white building you see. Way back there.DSCN4540

This year, unlike last year, we walked and walked before finding a tree that we agreed upon for our house. We had a very difficult time for some reason. There were many trees that one of us liked but not the other.
DSCN4541Until we finally found this one! We thought it was about the same height as the tree we had last year but we were so wrong. This thing was a beast and it weighed a ton!

We did remember a tarp for Sean to be able to cut down the tree and it worked very nicely since it rained quite a bit the day before.DSCN4545DSCN4547DSCN4549DSCN4551DSCN4552

Once he got the tree down, he thought he was going to be able to drag the tree by himself while I carried the other supplies but unfortunately it was so super heavy that it ended up taking both of us to drag it get shaken and wrapped.


Even this guy had a time carrying the tree. I am telling you is a super heavy tree.DSCN4566

Once we got the tree home we left it outside to dry out for a bit and for Sean to go do some other things during the day. Later that night we moved the tree in the house which was an experience since the tree really is about 10 feet tall. Once we got it in the house, Sean started taking off the wrapping and it started to fall out. DSCN4568DSCN4573DSCN4574DSCN4575We had to give the tree some time to fall out and get settled in the house! So we were able to get it decorated the next day. Well only after going out and getting more lights because we didn’t have enough to cover the tree. So our tree has about 850 lights on it and all of the ornaments. Last year we weren’t able to put all of the ornaments on the tree because we had too many. I guess it takes a 10 foot tree to get all of the ornaments on the tree.

So here it is, in all its glory!

_DSC0019(I am kind of proud of this photography too! I can tell that I have actually learned a lot in the classes that I have taken this year! This last year photo is by far one of my favorite photos that I have ever taken!)


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