March 14th

Today has been an interesting day. We spent the day at home since Sean had a outpatient procedure done yesterday, it has been lots of rest and relaxation for him today! I worked most of the day (thank goodness I can do that from my computer).

We might have found another series to add to our list to watch now, Mad Men. We are currently also watching House of Cards. Both on now on the addicting list!

Today is actually my momma’s birthday!

DSC_0097This was two years ago when I got to fix her birthday cake for her. (This cake was otherwise known as Crumbles and Fudge by my brothers!) I always have a hard time when I don’t get to be with mom on her birthday but I know that Dad will do something special and she has gifts to open from us that got there yesterday! It wasn’t anything super exciting this year but that is ok. I hope she enjoys them!

Today is also Pi Day, ya know as in 3.14159 (sorry that is all I know!). I always get excited when I am at school because we have a teacher in the Middle School that always has a party for her students. I normally get to go participate which is always lots of fun! Since I wasn’t there today I made a pie of our own!

I also should mention that I tried something new tonight and they were super awesome! I made homemade potato chips. Sooooo much better then what comes in the bag! I could get used to making them more often!
Lots of different flavors too, Old Bay, Jerk, and Salt and Pepper.

For the day that it was it was a pretty good day! Let’s just hope the mister keeps healing properly and doesn’t have too much pain!

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