The Man of the House has a birthday!

So the Man of the House had a birthday this past weekend and I got the opportunity to make him his first birthday cake. In the five years of dating him we never had the opportunity to spend his birthday together because it was during Christmas break when we were at school and after that we always spent New Year’s together.

I had found this cake a few months ago on Pinterest and tried to think of a good occasion for me to create this masterpiece. I was a little leery at first because there were many parts to making the cake but I figured I would give it a shot.

First you have to make the cake. The recipe that I used here was for an eggless cake. This made me nervous but it turned out awesome and the taste test I did of the scraps on the bottom were very good. The recipe makes two 9 inch round cakes.


After letting the cakes cool, I had to make the fudge that goes in the middle and on top of the cake. It was a peanut butter chocolate fudge and for the top part you mix in Reese’s.


Once the fudge was smeared in the middle and all over the top of the cake, I put it in the refrigerator so the fudge could harden.

Next up was to make the icing on and decorate. The icing was incredibly sweet and very peanut buttery.

The best part about creating something like this….getting to eat it!

After dinner out we came back to the house for some cake. Everyone really enjoyed it but I am very glad that I purchased a gallon of milk to drink with this cake because it was so sweet. It was like one giant Reese’s cup! Awesome for the peanut butter chocolate lovers!

Next up, the holiday season! I can’t wait!

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  1. Laura says:

    Looks yummy. I think tomorrow we can scrap training and bake. What do you think? PS – Don’t laugh at my AOL email address.

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