Vacation 2014 – Part 1 (Seattle)

After a weekend with my mom and dad and then a quick trip to the midwest for a wedding, it was off for vacation. Vacation 2014 could not come soon enough for Sean and me this year. We waited until October this year because we thought that one of my major projects at work would be done by then and we could relax after a very hectic year. Well we were a little wrong in our estimation and ended up going when it was just crazy. It was amazing though to get away and spend so much time together doing something we love, traveling.

Like last year, we decided to go on a multi part trip, starting in Seattle, finding our way to Napa, and finishing the trip in Chicago. We accomplished it all in one trip and it was awesome.

We started off by flying to Seattle through Chicago (which was still nutty from the week before but a little better). We landed in Seattle about noon their time. We found our luggage and went to find the train to ride to downtown and get to our hotel.

It was off and running from there. We went to the Space Needle first. It was very clear when we were visiting and we had a great view of the whole city! We really enjoyed seeing the city from the sky and the diversity of the landscape. Mountains on one side and water all around.

We went on a little adventure down to the waterfront looking for a restaurant that we had read had awesome oysters, unfortunately it was closed because they are working on the area where it is located. We found another oyster bar a little closer to the hotel and it turned out to be extremely awesome! We sat in these big leather chairs at a bar where we could watch the cooks do all of the food prep. It was really impressive. We both really enjoyed the meal and the atmosphere.

We were pretty tuckered out after that considering how much traveling we had done for the day and the large amount of food that we ate at dinner.

Sunday morning was an early morning. I really wanted to get down to Pike Place Market early in the morning to enjoy the sites before there were tons of people around. We walked around, talked to one of the fish mongers, and then headed to Starbucks (the original). The fish monger also told us to take a particular set of stairs down under the market to see something. We were not 100% sure what we were going to see but there were walls covered in bubble gum. It was awesome! The smell of the alley was bubblegum of all kinds. Pretty cool thing to see.

Mount Rainier in the distance. Apparently you can’t see this very often but it was pretty clear when we were there. It wasn’t as overcast as it usually is in Seattle. DSC_2262

From there we walked down to the waterfront and jumped on the ferry over to Bainbridge Island. We wanted to take the ferry over to see the skyline from the water and this was a relatively cheap way of doing it. We didn’t stay in Bainbridge though, we went straight back over to the city.DSC_2333DSC_2359DSC_2379DSC_2384Untitled

Walking back up the hill, we went back to Pike Place and walked through the full market. I got a Washington Apple that was huge and very yummy. The fish monger we had talked to that morning had told us about a place called Taylor’s Shellfish. We had more oysters and a dungeness crab. The dungeness crabs are local to the area and very different than our blue crabs from the east coast.

On our way to Taylor’s Shellfish, we walked past the original Nordstroms. We didn’t walk in but it was a very big store. 

We decided that we wanted to do one more thing. We went out on the Ducks of Seattle. We had the opportunity to see the city one more time as well as see the skyline from Lake Union. Lake Union is the home to the house from “Sleepless in Seattle” and the famous house boats of Seattle.

This was the tower that was featured in “Fifity Shades of Gray”.


The house that was in “Sleepless in Seattle”. The house was sold a few years back for over $3 million to a family that lives in Seattle and uses it as their guest house now. CRAZY!DSC_2459DSC_2505DSC_2507DSC_2509

We ended the night with dinner at “The Pink Door”, which was recommended by a friend from work, and it was an amazing way to end our day and a half in Seattle. Yummy food and a very different atmosphere that was a fun experience.

Monday morning it was off to the train station fairly early to head south. Look for more soon about our train ride through Washington, Oregon, and California.


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