Vacation 2014 – Part 2 (Coast Starlight)

After having a couple of awesome days in Seattle, it was off to the second part of our trip.  We headed down fairly early to the train station to get ready for part two of our trip. We climbed aboard the Coast Starlight to start our 19 hour trip south to Sacramento.

Starting off this large set of pictures is the inside of Seattle Union Station. It is absolutely gorgeous.




Once we got on the train, someone was in his happy place and sat and starred out the window a lot. DSC_2527


This was not far from Seattle. It was just one of the Boeing plants that we saw at the beginning of the trip.UntitledDSC_2530DSC_2535DSC_2537DSC_2539

This was our seats that turned into our sleeping arrangements (well at least my bed, you can’t see Sean’s).DSC_2540DSC_2542

As we went through Washington, you can see how foggy it was. Everywhere we looked fog was hanging around, it was especially thick when we got close to the water.DSC_2543DSC_2544DSC_2546DSC_2547DSC_2549DSC_2550DSC_2551DSC_2552DSC_2555DSC_2557DSC_2558DSC_2560

One of the neat things about the Coast Starlight is that the Sleeping Car passengers have their own dining car available. The food was different than what was available in the dining car and you had your own table. The food was better then what we thought it was going to be and I am glad that we ate here because we had to eat in the dining car on the California Zephyr. DSC_2562After going to have lunch, the fog cleared up and we were able to see Mt. St. Helens. We got really lucky and we were able to see Mt. St. Helens very clearly that day. It was neat to see in the distance but the camera really got some awesome images.


One of the special things that they do on the Coast Starlight is a wine tasting in the afternoon. Sean and I decided to try it out and get us ready for part number three of our trip. Untitled

This is more than likely the Columbia River but we passed over several rivers before arriving in Portland.


This is Portland, Oregon. It was really pretty and this is when it started to get a little darker and much harder to take pictures out the windows. DSC_2573DSC_2575DSC_2576DSC_2578

This was by far the creepiest picture I took on the trip. I really honestly didn’t mean to get this picture.DSC_2579DSC_2580DSC_2582DSC_2587

Sheep were everywhere along the trip. There were fields of them, almost like cows in the midwest.DSC_2590



By far, one of the most beautiful pictures I was able to capture before the sun went all the way down for the night. DSC_2595


Eugene, Oregon was the last place I was able to take pictures. It got very dark after that and then we had to get up very early to get off of the train the next morning. DSC_2597DSC_2599


Coast Starlight Route Guide from Amtrak’s website. This tells you all of the places that we went through on the train and more of what we saw.

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