Going Gluten Free

After a couple of years of struggling with never knowing what my body would digest and what it wouldn’t and after visiting with several different doctors, I have gone gluten free.

I recently had the test done for Celiac’s disease and it came back negative but there is a lot of recent research out there that talks about Gluten sensitivity. Gluten sensitivity is not being allergic to gluten but your body not being able to digest it as easily as others.

We have loaded up on items that are gluten free for me to try eating. I am doing pretty good with the rice noodles and the pasta wasn’t too terrible, I just wouldn’t eat it by itself. The crackers are ok but they definitely need some cheese or something else to go along with them. We haven’t tried the flour in anything yet but we did try the pancake mix that we got which worked pretty well. Untitled


A few of my other favorites have been spaghetti squash with pesto and chicken. Oh so yummy. I really really enjoy this dish.Untitled

The chicken and potatoes that I talked about here, were also incredibly good. Simple dishes like this seem to work well for me.

My mom and dad got me an awesome cookbook for my birthday that is gluten free cooking. Some of the recipes have been very good. This one on the other hand, scallops with red peppers over polenta, was not one of our favorites. At least we tried it out!

Here are the chocolates chip pancakes I made with the Bisquick mix. They were pretty good but the amount of dairy in them wasn’t good when I didn’t take my meds. oops!


This was another awesome dinner that we made since I went gluten free. It was chicken with a hawaiian chipotle sauce, honey mustard cole slaw, and potatoes. UntitledI feel like the gluten free eating is really forcing me to eat more naturally because a lot of sauces have gluten or soy in them. It has been a little hard to do but I really do feel a lot better since I have given up the gluten.


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