The Birthday Cake

Each year I make my dear husband a birthday cake. Last year it was Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes, the year before a train cake, and the year before that it was the Chocolate Peanut Butter Extreme cake.  This year he was very selfless in his choice of cake, a chocolate flourless cake. I was super pumped since I knew that if he had chosen something else I would not have necessarily been able to partake in it.

I looked through tons of different recipes but found this one on the King Arthur Flour website and decided that it would be worth a try. It was fairly simple and I had all of the ingredients that I needed to make this cake.

After trying it, I will make sure the coffee gets ground a little better next time but overall it gets good ratings from both me and the husband. We have had a couple of pieces and really enjoyed it!

I think it will be a keeper!

Sadly this is the only photo I took of the cake. Boooo to that!

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