Grits Waffles

I know I totally said I would post this last week and I ended up getting busy doing many other things and not writing for the blog. Blogger fail.

Well not exactly when you see some of the other projects that we have been working on in this house!

What was new last month in the kitchen? Grit waffles and BBQ bacon. The grit waffles were really good actually. I know, very different, but it was a good substitute for the gluten free waffle mix. DSC_4125DSC_4126

Breakfast that morning was pretty awesome. DSC_4130

And then we topped it off with bacon covered in a BBQ seasoning. I had a hard time believing the recipe when it said to put the seasoning on the bacon and bake it for 45 minutes but that it was what made this so yummy. DSC_4133I know not an attractive picture but it was sooo yummy. Not something I would want all of the time but a couple of pieces with an awesome breakfast would be a great compliment.

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