Flat Stanley came for a visit

Keegan is in second grade this year. Since her big sister Brynna started school in 2010, I have shared a special bond with these girls. I LOVED seeing them each day at school. Now I miss this every single day. I miss seeing them grow up. I miss seeing them do new things. Now I just get to take selfies with them at Christmas.

When I got a message from my cousin, Erica, asking if I would mind spending some time with Keegan’s Flat Stanley, I couldn’t say “Yes” fast enough. I was bummed though that I couldn’t fold Keegan up and put her in the envelope with him. Having her here for two weeks would have been an awesome time. I would have loved that so much but I made due with hosting Flat Stanley.

What Keegan didn’t realize was that I was going to make this the best Flat Stanley trip ever for her and her classmates. I will not forget when her momma asked me, we were on our way to Boston from NYC and I was bummed that Stanley hadn’t made it in time for our trip. I quickly got over that though and started researching areas around us and the places that I wanted to take him. (I actually learned something about the area too, which was kind of awesome!)

Where did we take Flat Stanley?

Church for the Lenten Mission.
The Conowingo Dam.
Chesapeake City to see the C&D Canal and Winbak Farms.
Baltimore  to see the sites.
Fort McHenry’s entrance.
U.S.S. Constellation.
Work with both Sean and myself.

It was an awesome time! We had so much fun having him around. We had a great time showing him around and taking him to places that we visit often. Pictures weren’t enough in my book for this project though. Keegan and her class were getting a box full of goodies. We included 4 different snacks local to the area and a couple of books about the Battle of Baltimore and Maryland. We also included some oyster shells. I had so much fun creating the book for them to look through. I tried to incorporate their entire curriculum into the binder. It was a fun challenge for me!

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