The Biltmore

My mother -in-law kept telling us that she really wanted to see the Biltmore. She kept talking about it anytime the south, Southern Living or our weekend trips were brought up. “Why can’t we just go one weekend?”, would be the question we got a lot. She didn’t always understand that there has to be some planning involved when we both work full time.

We agreed and said that 2015 was the year that we would go to the Biltmore. We wanted to see her happy and visit as a family.

Well a week ago we made it all come true. We visited the Biltmore and Asheville, North Carolina. We flew down on Friday.   A half an hour after we arrived, my parents arrived. We will all very excited to be there and to visit.

Friday night started off with dinner at a BBQ joint called Luella’s. It was everything that the Google reviews cracked it up to be. It was very good. We followed that with dessert at Double D’s in downton Asheville. Both I would recommend.

Mom, Dad, Sean and I finished the night off with playing dominos in the lobby of the hotel. While a busload of senior citizens were unloading into our hotel, we were just trying to figure out how to play chicken foot. We almost went over and asked one of them if they could explain to us quickly how to play. We did finally figure it out though, even though we all decided that we were way to young to be playing that game.

Saturday morning it was off to the Biltmore. The morning was supposed to be gorgeous but the afternoon was supposed to be a little bit rainy so it was off to the gardens. We walked around for about two hours before heading off for a quick lunch before heading into the actual house. There were about 7,000 people there the day we visited, which according to one of the workers is absolutely overflowing for them.

After lunch we had time to snap a couple of pictures before heading into the house. We choose to do the audio tour which turned out to be a great choice since we all wanted to learn about the house. It was incredibly insightful.

The Downton Abbey costumes were spread throughout the house while we were visiting. Some of the gowns were stunning to see in person. I know they are gorgeous on tv but it was really neat to see in person.

Two hours later we found ourselves exiting the house and getting back on the bus to head to the winery on property. Four of the seven of us waited in the line to do the wine tasting. It was an incredibly long wait for such a short line but some of the wine turned out to be very good. We even bought a couple of bottles to bring back home with us.

It was dinner time after that. We headed back to downtown Asheville to a place called “The Lobster Trap”. It was also an oyster bar…so if you know my family you know who was extremely excited. The food turned out to be awesome. We had to wait a little bit for a table but it was very much worth the wait.

Sunday we had time for breakfast and then we were headed our separate ways. I always hate that part of the trip. I was ready to hang out with mom and dad a little bit longer but we will see them again very soon.


One little side story. In between lunch and going in the house, Sean and I walked out to the edge of the lawn in front of the house. As we were standing out there I noticed a couple to my left that was trying to take a selfie with their daughter in her stroller. I asked them if they would like for me to take a photo for them because it looked as though the dad was struggling to get them all in the photo. Little did I know he was probably a nervous wreck. Sean and I went on taking a few more photos and I look over again and he was proposing. I just started clicking the camera. I ended up getting some awesome shots of him proposing to her. She was absolutely shocked. After it was over I walked over and asked if they would like me to send them the photos because I had just taken about 50 pictures. I then took a couple of nice photos of the two of them together and emailed all of them to the couple when I got back home. They were so excited and happy with them. It was such a cool moment to be a part of and I am really happy that I had a chance to catch that special moment for them. The funniest part of the whole thing is that their daughters’ stroller in the background of the photos is turned the opposite direction!

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