New Jersey for a weekend

Two weekends ago we were off traveling again. I am starting to think we spend more weekends away than we actually spend at home. And currently we have no plans of stopping the travel.
While in New Jersey we had the opportunity to spend lots of time with family.

We started off by walking around a place that meant a lot to the family and a place that I had never seen before. It was a very enjoyable visit and a neat place to see.

Sunday we went to the baptism of Sean’s cousin’s son. He was born back in October when we went up to see them. He came a little sooner than expected but he is doing very well and is a very cute little guy. I love this picture of Sean’s mom with the baby. She loves being around him and playing with him. Big sister did a great job too and we enjoyed spending time with her at the petting zoo that visited her house after the baptism. She was super excited to ride the pony, Duchess. UntitledUntitledUntitledOverall it was a great weekend. A short weekend but a great weekend. Don’t worry you won’t have to wait long to hear about more weekend travels.


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