Sean’s First 5k

Mothers’ Day weekend. Well that was a couple of weeks ago and the time has flown since.

We started the weekend off with heading to the first weekend at the boat. Always a wonderful time but this time included a lot of work. Loading the boat with all of those items we had taken off for the winter months, cleaning teak, and just cleaning in general.


Friday night we had dinner at the restaurant up on the hill from the boat yard. It was such a pretty night and all of the lights on the docks. It made it feel like summer had already arrived. It was a lovely feeling.Untitled


Since we are a little on the crazy side, we decided that we were going to run a 5K bright and early on Saturday morning. I ran this same race last year but had two others join me this year. The mister and his brother. I shaved a little time off by finishing in 35:01 this year. The mister kicked my booty. He finished in 28 something. (He couldn’t remember….)UntitledFor his first 5K I was super proud of him. There was no way I could finish that fast. I think he took superhuman powers that morning for breakfast or something.

The rest of the weekend was super busy and I was super lazy. We cleaned up parts of the boat and then finished the weekend off by taking Sean’s mom out for Mothers’ Day. It was a really nice day.



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