Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

This year for Christmas we got my father-in-law a package on the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad to be an engineer for the day. Well, we hadn’t gotten around to scheduling it and finally found a day where we were all free.

We went up on Saturday so that we would be ready to go on Sunday morning for the three hour train trip. We had dinner at The Baltimore Street Grill in the downtown section of Cumberland. It was a pretty small place but it had pretty good food.

The next morning, we walked around outside of our hotel. You can see the town of Cumberland in the distance and the train tracks. It is a neat way to see the city.

We walked over to the front of the station and I tried to take a few pictures. It was really a neat building. (I don’t know who the statue was though.)DSC_6811DSC_6819DSC_6820

Then it was off to get ready for the ride. We watched it come into the station. It was neat to see the crew get it ready for the ride. DSC_6830 DSC_6832 DSC_6834 DSC_6838 DSC_6843DSC_6848DSC_6862DSC_6863


These next couple of pictures of Helmstetters Curve. This curve is well known in the rail fanning world. Tons of cool pictures have been taken from that barn. Seeing it from the other side isn’t nearly as exciting. We thought that there would be more to it. Oh well!DSC_6887DSC_6897DSC_6907

When the train gets to Frostburg, everyone gets off of the train and then they flip then engine around. It actually is really neat to see, and it goes around pretty quickly. DSC_6936DSC_6970DSC_6987DSC_7000DSC_7004DSC_7018DSC_7023DSC_7026DSC_7033DSC_7035DSC_7047

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