Our Favorite Things – 2015

Favorite Things

1. Paper Culture Polaroid Pictures Stickers – Loving these. My new office in the basement was a perfect place to display these photos and it worked so well! I will probably find more places to put these in the future.

2. LLBean Adventure Duffle – Small  – This guy has come in handy this year. The couple of trips that we had this year, this smaller version of our big suitcases worked out perfectly. I am sure it will help again during the coming years with little one on the way.

3. Mama Bee Belly Butter – Keeping those stretch marks to a minimum and my belly smooth. Loving this lotion.

4. Cluck Cluck Sew Pattern for Nautical Quilt – This pattern was so super easy to use and was super helpful when it came to making #BabyCaff’s quilt. If all of the patterns are like this (which I do have my eye on a couple more of them) then I will keep using this website in the future.

5. Non-Alcoholic Wine – For all of my wine cravings this year. We had found one brand that I really wanted to try since they carried champagne but not that many liquor stores carry non-alcoholic wine, so we had to go with the chardonnay.

6. Tessemae’s Dressing – We discovered this local company at the beginning of the year and have been completely addicted since. The salad dressing is awesome and after trying the condiments we are hooked completely. We love it. Only issue is that it is hard to find in the grocery stores so we have had to make a visit to the headquarters to stock pile.

7.  Kilby Cream – Our home delivery of milk and eggs every other week has become something we absolutely look forward to when we are out of stock. The milk and eggs really do taste better. This will be something that I am sure we will continue to do well into the future.

8.  Pink Blush Maternity – Their sales have been a lifesaver. A friend told me about this place after I got pregnant and I don’t think I would have been able to afford to get as much as what I have gotten. I have cute clothes to wear on my growing belly. At least I have cute clothes to look forward to this holiday season!

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