Anniversary Number Three

Charleston SC Anniversary 3Holy cow, 3 already! It seems like we just got married yesterday.

Sean and I aren’t really into getting each other gifts for our anniversary, we just travel and spend lots of time together. Our gift to each other is quality time in place we haven’t been before. This year we traveled to Charleston, South Carolina. It was awesome. More about that in another post and don’t worry there will be a collection of pictures as well.

Our notebook this year was my dad’s immediate family. My Aunt, Uncle and their five kids as well as my Uncle, Aunt and their daughter. It was fun to read what all of my cousins wrote to us in the notebook. You could tell that they had fun with the fact that they were writing to us in the future. It meant a lot to read and it is fun to read what others had to say on our wedding day. It seems like everybody had a blast.

The picture was taken in the lobby of the hotel where we stayed. I think I like this one a lot actually. More about our trip, the food, and pictures to come soon.

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