Visitors from Indiana

Well just over a week ago my parents, brother and grandfather were headed back home from a somewhat action packed weekend. A great weekend and one that left me completely exhausted.

They landed on Thursday night and thank goodness for my husband offering to ┬ápick them up because I am not sure this pregnant girl’s bladder would have lasted both ways without having to park and go into the restroom.

Friday, the family took off for Washington D.C. while Sean and I went to work.
UntitledDinner was ready as soon as they got home. I made these awesome Gluten Free Chicken and Dumplings. They didn’t even taste gluten free! Friday night the moon was super cool looking. Dad and I went out and rigged up the camera to take a couple of pictures. After just a little bit of editing, here is what we were saw that night. DSC_7900DSC_7898Saturday was a slow morning. Once we finally got moving we went to the Conowingo Dam, where we have been with both my parents and Aunt and Uncle. It was awesome and we saw more Eagles than we have ever seen before. We all enjoyed it a lot. DSC_7904DSC_7905DSC_7908

Dinner was crabcakes and shrimp on Saturday.

Sunday was incredibly laid back. We went to church, followed by lunch at Broom’s Bloom and doing a few things around the house. It was nice to be home for the day.

Monday morning was a very early morning for us. I took everyone to the airport by 6:30 am and I was then off to Jury Duty for the day.

It was a great weekend but I was definitely exhausted and ready for some sleep when they left! i can’t wait to see them at Christmas.

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