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The Nursery Progress

Slowly, we are starting to get the baby’s room ready for his / her arrival in March. Even though the room isn’t painted yet, we have started on a few of the other details for the room.

As you saw here, the nursery is going to be a nautical theme. The details that I’ve worked on so far are the book box, the quilt, and the burp cloths. (Yes, I know that the burp cloths are more for the child than the nursery!)

The burp cloths were the first project I finished for Baby Caff. I tied to keep the material as gender neutral as possible. There are way more than what you see in the picture here so we will hopefully have enough to last us a couple of days with a newborn.

UntitledThe second project that I finished was the book box. We found the wooden box on sale at JoAnn’s and I knew it was exactly what I wanted for the box. We decided not to add anything on the side and just leave it plain for right now but we did want the handles to have a little bit of detail. I added the twine to the handles and it turned out super cute! Untitled UntitledUntitledUntitledProject number three that I completed was the smaller of the two quilts. This one I had cut out before we even knew about Baby Caff but I didn’t start working on it until I knew that we were having a baby. I finally got the edging on it this week. It turned out super cute too. I can’t wait to see Baby Caff all wrapped up in this one!
UntitledUntitledUntitledThe next project is exactly completed yet but this is just about progress, right? I finally have the three layers of the big quilt together and it is all pinned ready to be quilted. I just need to start the quilting process and I know it is probably going to take a little while to do which is probably why I am dragging my feet on it. The goal is to have it done before Christmas though. I think I can do it! UntitledUntitledNext up is painting the room and then getting furniture and starting to put everything together. With a little less than 5 months left, I think it will feel even more real when we have the room fully together. Loving it so far!


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