Our First Movie Theatre Experience

In January, we will have been together 9 years. We had never been to the movie theater until we went on Wednesday night. Why? Well we were just more comfortable sitting at home on our couch in our sweatpants to watch a movie. We aren’t the type of people that have to see a movie as soon as it comes out and we typically enjoy dinner and drinks more as date night.

When Sean mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago that he was hoping that I would be up for something a little different I didn’t really expect him to suggest going to the movies. Then he told me that he wanted to go see “Home Alone” in an old theater in Baltimore. I am really glad he did. It was a lot of fun and the theater is really cool.

This was the inside the lobby.

This was us in our seats. I wish this picture would have come out not so pixelated but it is what it is. Untitled

This was the front of the theater. The curtain opened when the movie started to play. It was very pretty and very old school. UntitledI would say that we had a pretty memorable first movie theater experience. It was a lot of fun but I think in the future I will stick with my couch and sweatpants. 

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