First Train Ride

A couple of weekends ago we took Guyon to ride his first train. We spent the morning visiting the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and then rode the Strasburg Railroad in the afternoon.

Sean was super excited for this visit because Engine 460 was making its debut after being restored over a six year period of time. In honor of its debut, the Pennsylvania Heritage unit was also visiting and we were able to get up close and personal with an engine that runs on the rails today. It was really cool!
DSC_3468 copyDSC_3459 copy

DSC_3483 copyDSC_3485 copy
It also happened to be right before Veteran’s Day. In the aisle ways around the trains, there were displays of war memorabilia and people dressed in period clothing. It was a neat display. After the museum, it was off to ride the train.
DSC_3442 copyDSC_3450 copyDSC_3487 copy

Guyon loved it! So did his daddy and his grandpa! I am sure we will do many more of these in the future!
DSC_3495 copyDSC_3507 copyDSC_3516 copyDSC_3519 copy

We got Guyon his first wooden train too while we were visiting. He seems to really like to play with it.

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