Guyon – 15 months

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How Big Are You?
25lbs 10.5oz
31 inches long
46 cm head

What’s Your Temperament?
The smiles were more plentiful this month but man those canines were not fun to cut at all. You have started throwing temper tantrums a little bit though when we tell you know or take away something that you are wanting to play with at that time. Overall, you are so much fun to be around.

What Are You Eating?
Anything. Everything.
You do like to throw your cup overboard off of your highchair.
We eat on the front porch pretty often and you do great in your outside highchair.

What Are you Sporting?
18-24 month everything! 24 month summertime pjs.
You wear number 4 diapers at daycare and at night time. You are still rocking your cloth diapers at home at night and on the weekends.

How Are You Sleeping?
You pretty much put yourself to sleep these days. As long as you have your pacifier and blankets you are good to go. You only take one nap a day now.

Guyon Likes + Dislikes:
– Walking (almost running) all over the place
– Trying to open doors
– Your rice bin.
– Playing with your train controller.
– Being outside
– Your pool.
– Books that you can touch.
– Your broom.

– Teething (CANINES! AH!)

Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Guyon Quirks + Milestones:
– Cut bottom molars
– Celebrated Mother’s Day
– Playing in your rice bin with measuring cups.
– Love to use the broom
– Spent a weekend on the boat getting it ready for the year.
– Worked out with mom and dad and Mike caught an awesome picture.
– You got your own broom
– Spent Memorial Day weekend with Grandma and Grandpa while mom and dad were away at a wedding. This was your first weekend without mommy or daddy and the first time mommy had been away from you overnight.
– You went out to dinner with all of your grandparents.
– Cut your top canine teeth in the same weekend
– You love to play under the table.
– Another week and partial week with out daddy.
– Weekend at the boat. You didn’t like going to sleep there but we did spend the whole weekend there.
– You had spaghetti for the first time.
– You figured out how to get on and off of your trike.
– You rode in a tractor at Safeway. (aka the cart)
– You played in your pool the whole weekend when we were home.

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