Honey Dijon Salmon

I have decided that the best day to go grocery shopping is Friday. First, no one is normally there during that time and they have great deals on Fridays. They do a special thing called $5 Fridays. You can get some good deals for 5 bucks too! A couple of Fridays ago I was able to get this nice big filet of Salmon for $5. I had not ever fixed Salmon before so I looked through some recipes and found some ingredients that sounded good and ended up with a Honey Dijon coating for the Salmon.

I started off with melting some butter in a bowl. It was a tablespoon full (or thereabouts). Once it was melted I had a large squirt of course ground dijon mustard and a large squirt of honey. I mixed all of this together and poured it over the filet of Salmon.

Once I poured that over, I poured bread crumbs over the top of the Salmon. I baked it for 20 minutes at 400 degrees and it turned out very good. I am not always a huge fan of Salmon but this turned out very good!


I think I could eat Salmon like this more often. It took away the fishy taste to me!

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  1. carol bell says:

    thanks for sharing… always looking for something a little extra to do with fish . Sounds great… cant wait to try.
    hope you are doing well, seems like it. I am happy for you, hope to see you soon. Happy New Year!!!

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