The 4th in Iowa

This was the first trip that we took to see my little brother as he doesn’t get time off during the summer. We met up with family from Indiana and California for a large family gathering with family from both sides of the family. It was awesome to see everyone in one place and have so many people there for Guyon to hang out with.

We visited the Science Museum, the John Deere Pavilion, Antique Architecture(the store from American Pickers) and Modern Woodman Park. We had a special visit to the ballpark due to my brother being the head groundskeeper. We enjoyed the suite at the ballgames.

The first ballgame we attended, Sean and several of the cousins did a race in between innings. The second game featured my cousin and I sumo wrestling in between innings. It also featured both of the boys tending to the field at the same time. Sam dragged and Andrew raked.

Here are just a few pictures from the visit.
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Next up was Guyon’s first visit to Purdue and West Lafayette.

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