Guyon – 18 months

I seriously can’t believe that you are already half way to two. You, little one, are such a joy to be around and each day is so exciting. Thank you for bringing so many smiles to our faces during such a transitional part of life.
How Big Are You?
Almost 28 pounds. Not sure how tall you are right now.

What’s Your Temperament?
You are still a pretty chill kid except for when you are tired or really want something. You will throw a fit and throw yourself around on the ground. Mom and dad will ignore it most of the time and let you finish before we console you.

You communicate with us a like a champ too. You have your own sign language for so many things. The common words are: more, please, thank you, shower or bath.
You are starting to form more sounds but we haven’t quite gotten full words out of you yet. I can only imagine though what it is going to be like when you start talking though. I have a feeling you won’t stop.

What Are You Eating?
Lots of food. Your typical eating schedule is as follows:
Arrive at daycare – Eggs
9:00 am – Snack
11:00 am – Lunch
After nap – Snack
5:00 pm – Dinner

You dink lots of milk and water out of your straw cups and love to drink water out of big kid water bottles. You like to pour the bottle out when you are finished with it.

You are such a sport about trying new foods. For the most part, we still haven’t found much that you won’t eat.

What Are you Sporting?
24 month pants
2T Pajamas
24 month and 2T shirts
You wear mainly button down shirts and shorts or pants to daycare most days with your boat shoes. You are definitely a Maryland boy when it comes to the boat shoes.
At home, a lot of times, you are in a diaper and t-shirts.

How Are You Sleeping?
Coming back from vacation was rough on you. You have started to adjust back into your schedule but you still have nights where you cry for a little while before you fall asleep.
Towards the end of the month though, you were back to sleeping like a champ. You sometimes need a book in bed with you to help you fall asleep but it does keep you quite. You seem to always choose the largest books though to keep in your bed with you.
Guyon Likes + Dislikes:
– Playing games with Daddy to get cookies after dinner
– Eating dinner on the front porch
– Books!!
– Playing outside. After daycare almost everyday and all weekend if we let you.
– Your basketball blanket
– Watching the cows and for airplanes
– Food!!!!!!
– Playing in the bathroom.
– Cleaning tools. Vacuum, dust buster, broom etc.
– Wagon rides
– Pointing out airplanes and helicopters

– Going to bed too early
– Daddy being away
– Being woke up from naptime.

Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Guyon Quirks + Milestones:
– You tried eggplant for the first time and you liked it. It probably helped that mom made eggplant fries.
– You enjoy playing basketball and being outside.
– You went back to daycare… and caught your first sickness. You ended up staying home on Friday due to your highest temp to this day. (101.4)
– You enjoyed crawling in the cabinet where the garbage can goes because mommy broke the garbage can and it made a good hiding place.
– You and daddy bought mommy flowers for her first day back to work.
– You have done so much in your new room. You paint, play pretend, play in the sensory bins, and play in the water at daycare.
– Mommy built you a playhouse out of a couple of boxes that she was able to get at work. You LOVED it.
– You helped daddy install the new garbage can.
– You like to clean your cardboard playhouse with your broom.
– We stayed home instead of going to the boat for the weekend. You dumped out your cloud dough, we played in the drive way, had wagon rides and played outside all morning. We had Granny and Grandpa over for dinner on Saturday night.
– You slept through the solar eclipse on August 21. Hopefully you will see the one in 2024.
– We explored Chestertown and visited the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. We explored the park and found a fun playground.
– You have gotten carsick several times. It’s never fun when that happens.
– You explored the hay bails in the backyard with daddy.
– Your first day in the Toddler class.
– You played in the rain for the first time.
– You endured another couple of days of daddy being away. This time he went to Wisconsin.
– Sweatshirt weather has started and you wore your “Cat in the Hat” sweatshirt for the first time.
– We cheered on Purdue football in your vintage overalls.
– You hung out with our friends Jim and Leyna. You were an awesome little dude and sat for over two hours while we ate crabs. Labor day weekend was a blast!
– Tons of fun at daycare including box parties, PJ day, marker drawings, sorting pom poms.
– We had breakfast at the Farmer’s Market. You had your first donut, an Apple Cinnamon donut from a local bakery.
– Granny and Uncle Daniel visited for dinner and play.
– You wore your Ravens jersey for the first game.
– You celebrated the River Bandits winning and going to the Championship.
– Uncle Andrew sent you an awesome new backpack that you now take to school with you. Untitled

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