The Cardboard Playhouse

I have transitioned back into working and in the first week back, as new things were being unpacked around school, I noticed big boxes. I stopped our maintenance men and asked if I could have them. They wanted to know why and I quickly answered with “I am going to make a playhouse for G man.” They loved it. They helped me flatten them so that I could get them in the car.

I got home and when I was supposed to be working on many other things (including this blog), I built his house. When he got home and saw the playhouse, he ran to play.
The playhouse has now been swept with his broom, a blanket bed built, a table inserted and then removed, and best of all the door opened and closed many times.
I think that this over sized, dining room encompassing contraption will stay awhile. (Or until daddy makes us take it down!)

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  1. […] You paint, play pretend, play in the sensory bins, and play in the water at daycare. – Mommy built you a playhouse out of a couple of boxes that she was able to get at work. You LOVED it. – You helped daddy […]

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