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If we have a girl…

Many of my close friends know that I am completely obsessed with bright colored clothing and big patterns or more concisely, Lilly Pulitzer. They know that when mid-January and mid to late August roll around, that all I will talk about is the upcoming Lilly Sale. So, none of those people were surprised by a morning Snap of me scrolling through the Pottery Barn website with the recently released Lilly Pulitzer line. Last year when they released the line, I told Sean that if we ever had a little girl he better get his wallet ready because I would be spending some money to do an all Lilly room. He was not surprised this morning when I sent him a link to the new line with a title that said: “If we have a girl…”.

Since we don’t know the sex of the baby that will be arriving in late June, early July, I won’t be spending all of the money just yet but here are just a few of my favorites from the recently release Lilly Pulitzer + Pottery Barn line.

Lilly Pulitzer Party Patchwork Baby Bedding

Organic Lilly Pulitzer Mermaid Cove Crib Fitted Sheet

Lilly Pulitzer Mermaid Cove Anywhere ChairĀ®
Lilly Pulitzer Mermaid Cove Lumbar Pillow
Lilly Pulitzer Little Lilly Designer Doll
Lilly Pulitzer Cheek To Cheek Wearable Blanket

This makes me want to find out the sex of our little one but I remember how exciting it was to find out when Guyon was born that he was a boy. I think I can wait one more time! Until then, I will sit and stare at my computer and daydream about how adorable a little girl will look in Lilly Pulitzer and how cute her room will be with the Lilly Pulitzer + Pottery Barn collection.

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