Miss L – 2 months


SO much happened in your second month of life. It was what some would call an absolutely crazy life, but even more for a 2 month old. It has been a lot of fun having you around and you are a very good baby. 


How Big Are You?

What’s Your Temperament?
You are so chill and you go with the flow.  You put up with being in your carseat really well especially since we had to be on the go so much with showing the house and activities with your brother. 

What Are You Eating?
You still get up in the middle of the night to eat but not as often as you did your first month. You do get really fussy if we haven’t fed you in about 3 hours but that is to be expected. 

What Are you Sporting?
You wear 3 month clothes and still in size 1 diapers. 

How Are You Sleeping?
You sleep like a champ. You slept from 9:30 pm to 6:30 am on August 12!
You don’t take regular naps yet but sleep off and on throughout the day.

Leonie Likes + Dislikes:
– Being held and seeing people’s faces.
– Mommy. You always know where I am and smile a lot when I am around. 
– Cuddles! You love to be cuddled.

– Not being fed on schedule. 

Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Léonie Quirks + Milestones:

  • MomMom spent time with us while Daddy was out of town. 
  • You really started pushing up and holding your head up really well. You have a strong little neck and even Dr. Gilley commented on that at your check up. 
  • Your brother loves to hold you. He likes to give you cuddles. 
  • We had our fist mommy and mini matching outfit day! 
  • We went to SetonFest at church and you got to see lots of people that worked with mommy. 
  • We went to the Zionsville Farmers Market. Mommy and Guyon had an ear of corn for breakfast.
  • We sold our house and went to start looking at lights and appliances for our new house. You rode in the cart like a champ. 
  • We explored several parks in the area before we had to move. Your brother loved it. You slept through most of our visits. 
  • You got baptized by Fr. John at Seton. You were dunked in the baptismal font and your Granny gasped when she saw you go under. There is a video we will have to show you someday. Your brother loves to watch this video and talk about you being baptized. 
  • Lots of family came over and celebrated your baptism and saw us for the last time before we moved. MomMom and PopPop got in the pool with your brother the day after your baptism for the last time. 
  • We started packing the house. The movers came and packed our house up for us. You were so good. You hung out and watched and slept. 
  • The movers came the next day and you were super good again. 
  • The same day the movers were there, you had your 2 month check up. It was a week early but it allowed us to get in the visit before we moved. Your brother also got a shot. You were both champs and you barely cried. 
  • We stopped to see Uncle Sam and Emma in Bloomington and Uncle Andrew in Davenport on our way to Iowa. We visited the John Deere Pavillion and a RiverBandits game while in Davenport. We also went to the Farmer’s Market. 
  • We celebrated mommy and daddy’s anniversary in Iowa We had plans to go to the Iowa State Fair but it rained and mommy didn’t really want  you out in the rain. 
  • The truck arrived at our rental house in Ankeny. We unpacked as best we could. Many things will probably stay in boxes though. 
  • MomMom and PopPop came to visit and helped us work through some of the boxes. 
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