Awesome Pasta

On day #29, I posted a picture of the pasta that we had for dinner (Here). The pasta was awesome and I will probably make it again soon. I found this recipe on Pinterest one night and thought it sounded good. We love both shrimp and pasta so this was bound to be good, we just didn’t realize it would be this good!

I did change it up just a little bit but it only added to the excellence.

I started out with fresh spinach, a can of diced tomatoes with garlic and olive oil, thin spaghetti, garlic powder, milk, cheese, and mushrooms.


I  put the tomatoes in the in the pot and heated them for a couple of minutes. I added the mushrooms to the
tomatoes to sautee them.



Once all of the mushrooms were added, I let them cook on low.  At the same time, I started to cook the noodles.


Once the noodles were getting close to being done, I added already cooked shrimp to the tomatoes and mushrooms.


I let this cook for a few minutes and added the fresh spinach to the mixture.



Once the spinach cooked down a little bit, I added the milk and cheese to the mixture.  I let some of the liquid boil
off but not too much.


I scooped noodles on to a plate and then took a scoop of the shrimp, veggie mixture and put over the noodles.


Topped it with parmesan cheese. Eat!


Here is the where I found the original Pasta Recipe. They didn’t have the mushrooms in theirs but it was excellent with them.

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