Raspberry Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Day #33 , the picture of the day was our dinner. We had breakfast for dinner. I fixed western scrambled eggs and Raspberry Chocolate Chip pancakes. The later was a complete experiment  but it turned out to be better than what I thought it would be. I probably enjoyed them more than what Sean did but I would probably fix them again.

I started off with normal pancake batter, chocolate chips, a hot griddle, and some thawed frozen raspberries.

I fixed the pancakes just like I normally would but added the raspberries in after the pancake had a little bit of a chance to cook. Then I would add the chocolate chip.

I had to really let the pancakes set up so that the raspberries wouldn’t stick too much to the griddle. One other thing that I learned was that you can’t get too much of the juice on the griddle because it will stick and make a mess on the griddle.

The finished product. They were very good and extremely enjoyable.

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