Manual Binders

When we moved into our house, I had just started using Pinterest about a month or two before we moved. One of the things that I had seen on there was to take a binder and put plastic sheet covers in the binder and put the manuals from your house in the plastic sheets. Well when we got in the house, there was a huge stack of manuals waiting for us.

So I created our binders (yes you read correctly “binders”). We had so many manuals and I am sure there will only be more after the wedding. So I split ours up into categories and sorted through all of the manuals.

We now have a neatly organized cabinet full of manual binders.
House Binder 05
House Binder 04
House BInder 03
House Binder 02
House Binder 01

Some of the things that we have built or put into the house has also had extra pieces left over and it has been nice to be able to put the extra pieces right with the manuals.

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