The Scarf

I finished this project a couple of weeks ago. I had forgotten that I hadn’t shared this yet. So here it is!

I started working on this project when I wasn’t working. It took me a very long time to finish it. I had found pictures of a scarf similar to this one and wanted to make one. Little did I know that it would take me months to finally finish.

I started out by making the fabric flowers from felt and then worked with fleece. The white piece for the bottom was a piece of fleece.


Once I had a group of the flowers made, I laid them on the white piece to see how many it was going to take. I figured out it was going to take about 100 flowers to cover the whole scarf.

Once I started sewing on the flowers I decided the bottom piece shouldn’t be a rectangle. I decided to cut it curvy instead. ┬áSo I cut the rectangle down to a more circular look. Also it took a few less flowers. The following pictures are some close up pictures of my scarf.

Scarf01Here is the finished project. It turned out really nice and I really like it a lot. It hasn’t been too cold though so I haven’t really worn it out much.
Scarf02And a terrible picture of me modeling it! HAHAHAHA!

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