The Week of Pinterest Food

I had previously talked about my obsession with Pinterest here. I had found many recipes that I wanted to try out on there and I really thought it would be fun to eat new recipes for a full week. So I decided that this week was the week to do it. You will see pictures for the recipes that I made and the linked recipes.



Sunday night was Lasagna Soup.  Sean loved this and I really enjoyed it. The soup was a thicker soup and the cheese combination that goes on top was excellent. I mixed mine together so it was really like a big bowl of regular lasagna.



Monday night was BBQ Chicken Quesadillas. I loved this! I thought that these were very good, Sean thought that they were a little spicy and he didn’t have the pineapple on his. These were also super easy to make as well.



Tuesday night was Broiled Lobster Tails. Well needless to say we were excited to try this out and it was a let down. We would much rather have crab than lobster.  Definitely not a favorite but not so bad that we didn’t want to eat it.



Thursday night was Chicken Taco Pizza.  Very good. Lots on the pizza but it was a unique combination that was very good. Sean’s only complaint about this one was that the sauce was a little hot. Reasoning for this was because I used enchilada sauce instead of taco sauce.



Friday night was Cuban Pork. These were very good and the best part, this was a crockpot recipe which is fantastic for Fridays! The pork had a great taste and it was good in the wraps.


Overall Sean would give this weeks recipes an A. I would have to agree with him on this one too. Everything was pretty good, nothing was terrible at all. Like Sean said at the beginning of the week we picked things that we liked the ingredients in to begin with so there was no way that things were going to be terrible. Sean’s favorite was Lasagna Soup. He loves pasta dishes and this soup was a little thicker so I knew that he was going to enjoy this one.  My favorite was probably the BBQ Chicken Quesadillas. They were fantastic.

Many of these dishes we will probably make again!

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