Mom’s Birthday Cake

Mom always has ice cream cake for her birthday. I wanted to make sure that she still had one since she was coming to our house and she would also be traveling on her birthday. We ended up celebrating her birthday pretty much the whole weekend but it was awesome!

Since I wanted to make sure she had an ice cream cake, I thought about just buying one from the grocery store. Then I saw one from Pinterest and decided that I was going to try to make her one.

Here is where I got the recipe.


I started out by using some wax paper to line the spring form pan. I used some spray canola oil to help it attach it to the pan.


I put the Oreos in a bag and used one of our heavy measuring cups to crush the Oreos into very small pieces.

Next up was unwrapping the ice cream sandwiches, cutting them into fourths and lining the pan with the sandwiches to somewhat create a crust.

Next up with putting the crushed Oreos in the bottom of the pan.

I used all chocolate chip. The recipe called for 2 1/2 gallons but I think I could have gotten away with only using one 1/2 gallon. I had to wait for this to melt a little bit so that I could stir it into a thick milkshake.

While waiting for the ice cream to melt a little. I used part of the hot fudge to put over the Oreos.

I then started stirring the ice cream so it really started to look more like a milkshake.

After the fudge was down and the ice cream in the right consistency, I put down ice cream on top of the Oreos and fudge.

Then I repeated the process one more time.

Once I had two layers of cookies, fudge, and ice cream, I put down a layer of whip cream.

Once it was finished I put it in the freezer, Sean said we had to eat it the very first night that my parents were here because it was taking up too much room in the freezer. So we did!
The family really enjoyed the cake but have renamed it. The name of this cake is Crumbles and Fudge. The one thing that everyone said about it was that it was a lot of cookies and a lot of fudge, but we all really enjoyed. I know next time not to put in so much fudge and to only use a half gallon of ice cream.


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