Wedding Present for Friends

One of my bridesmaids and very good friends got engaged last October and is getting married in June. I wanted to do something fun and different for them for their wedding present. Well it somewhat turned out to be the shower, wedding and bachelorette party present all in one because it got to be a little bigger than what I originally thought that it would be. I was perfectly ok with that and it turned out completely awesome.

So what did we do? We built them six dates. I originally wanted to do twelve dates but trying to fit in a date already planned for you for a whole year might be kind of hard. I figured six would be a lot easier to handle. So I searched all over the internet for cute date ideas. I found a whole list and then narrowed it done to the six that I thought would work best.

The first thing that I worked on was a binder with all of the information about the dates and other date ideas above and beyond what we were giving them.


I created the binder cover with pictures from Facebook of them from over the years at many different events.

Each date page has a date card in the front. Each one has a secret message about what they will be doing and what month they should go on that date is on the front of the envelope.

Behind each one of the envelopes is a white piece of paper so that they can’t see what all they will be doing. Behind that sheet is a sheet that describes how they need to dress, what they need from the basket of goodies, and what they are doing on the actual date. (All in their wedding colors as well. Pink and Black)

The next section behind the six date pages are fun activities that they can do anytime.

30 Questions to ask your spouse.

First Words game and Dates in a bag.

Couples Road Trip Travel Questions.

Lunch box notes, Newlywed Game, The Date Wheel, Disguise Kits, Love Coupon ideas.


3 pages of other date ideas.

The basket full of stuff that went along with this binder was all of the following. I had to take individual pictures of everything because there was so much in such a small space. Also you will get a chance to see what all of the dates are at this point.  (Ashley if you are looking at this stop reading this! I mean it! )


Date #1: Movie Night. Money for a Redbox movie. Movie candy, popcorn, and popcorn cups.


Date #2: Game Night. Card games, cookie mix, and a book called the Bride and Groom Challenge.


Date #3: Capture the Flag in the House. 2 Nerf guns, extra ammo, two flags to hide(not pictured), and a cd full of James Bond music to play while attacking.

Date #4: Spa Night. Lingerie for her, cd full of romantic music, bath salts, bubble bath, and body butter.

Date #5: Rock Climbing. A gift card to go rock climbing at an indoor climbing gym in Louisville.


Date #6: Picnic. Collapsable picnic basket, plates, cloth napkins, silverware, wine glasses, and a kite.

I hope that they enjoy all of their dates. We had a lot of fun coming up with everything that was put into the basket!

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