DIY Wedding Present

A couple of weeks before moving to the east coast I was invited to a wedding of someone I worked with at my job in Indiana. I only worked with her for a short time but we bonded quickly over several things that would be changing in both of our lives. When invited to the wedding I wanted to do something special for her and her soon to be hubby. She has a very similar style to myself so when I found this on Pinterst I knew this was the right gift.

Here are a couple of photos from the creation process.

I got all of the materials at Hobby Lobby or Michaels craft stores. I think total it came out to less than $30. You need small letters for the top. Numbers for the bottom. The initials of the Bride and Groom. An ampersand. (Unfortunately this is the hardest part to find.) A piece of canvas. White spray paint.

I attached everything to the canvas with a glue gun. Make sure that none of the glue strands stay on the canvas because when you paint over it there are strands everywhere. Also if your ampersand is thick you might want to paint it before gluing because the sides are hard to get once glued down. 

The final product. It turned out awesome! I couldn’t believe how awesome it turned out and she screamed when she saw it she loved it so much. It also sat on their gift table at the wedding which was a huge honor. They also ended up using the phase and their initials on a few other things for the wedding.

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  1. Ashley says:

    CUTE!!! Great job! You are so creative and loving this Pinterest website, aren’t you?! Glad to see you’re enjoying the East Coast.

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