A couple of weeks ago I posted pictures of our new house on Facebook for my friends and family back home to see. One question I got was, “Can you tell you are Purdue grads by your house?”

Yes, you can tell we are Purdue grads by looking at our house! Here are a few pictures to prove it.

This picture hangs in our kitchen and reminds us of all of the places on campus that we saw every single day. This was a Christmas present from one of my brothers when I graduated from college. One of the best and I am so happy that we have a special place for this picture.

Purdue candle that sits on the kitchen counter.

This was something that we received from the Purdue Alumni Association. We wanted someplace fun to hang this and the garage cabinets just seemed to fit. It is a great reminder every time we come home of where we met.

This would be one of a couple of Purdue blankets that are in our living room. Yes this is one of my favorites because it has the train on it!

What do you think? Can you tell we are Boilermakers?

Boiler up!

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