Pallet Table

I had really wanted a table for our back patio area but we couldn’t afford to purchase a table and chairs at this point with the wedding so close. Sean and I had seen this one on Pinterest and thought that we could do this one for under $100.

We were able to get the pallets fairly easily and for a great price (free). These weren’t the double sided ones but we liked them better than the double sided ones. I started helping Sean to stain it but then he started doing more of it when I wasn’t home yet. So he ended up finishing the staining.

When I went home for mother’s day, I got a picture from him and he had finished assembling it. He had stained the leftover boards we had from something else for the in between pieces and then attached the wheels. He ordered the wheels from someplace they use at work. We got locking wheels so that it doesn’t roll all over our back patio. They work great too. (It stayed put Friday when we had tornadoes come through.)

Here are some pictures of how it turned out!


We love it! We haven’t had dinner outside yet but I am sure we will soon!!!!!


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