My first bok choy experience.

After picking up our first batch of CSA crops, I realized that I had no idea how to fix bok choy and so off to the internet I set for a recipe. Well actually I checked a couple of cook books but had no luck at all. The internet helped and I also remembered a dish that my aunt who is from the Philippines, makes sometimes when we are around them.

I ended up making bok choy and sausage. It turned out really good

I did the sausage first and got it pretty much cooked all the way through and then added all of the bok choy to the pot which almost wasn’t big enough but I squished it all in there! I did add a tiny bit of soy sauce to mine on my plate and it helped to give a little zest to it as well!

Our side tonight was a salad with peaches, spring onions, and parmesan on a bed of greens and spinach. Super yummy!

It was all great and a very summery meal!

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