Pizza on the Grill

Sean and I really enjoy making pizza. We make it at least once a month if not more often. When we moved into our house a pizza stone was one of the first things that Sean really wanted to get but I talked him into just registering for one instead since we would be getting married within less than a year.

The one we decided to register for was one that also came with a stand that we could use on the grill. Talk about super cool.

Lucky for us, one of my friends and bridesmaids, decided to get it for us for my shower. Sean was soooo excited. Tonight was the night to get it out and try it and it worked so well.


Once the stone was hot we placed the dough on and started to build. This was easier than building the pizza and dragging it on to the stone.

Once we had it built Sean was the one to make sure it cooked probably while I was checking on the one we had in the oven because we couldn’t get it off of the pan that I had built it on.  (Also notice Sean modeling one of the new aprons my mom made for us!)

The finished product! It tasted about as good as it looked too. It was awesome!!!!!

What did we put on the pizza?

1 package of pizza dough
1 jar of artichokes
Hand full of sundried tomatoes
Green, Red, Yellow peppers
Fresh Spinach
Fresh Spring Onions
Mozzarella Cheese

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