Two weekends ago, we headed north and then south on route to the boat. Yes, it was almost ready for the season but we thought we would get a head start by putting some of the items that we knew we would need  for the season on to the boat.

We knew this process was going to be much different from the past as it was going to be much harder for both of us to haul things back and forth from the car to the boat. It turned out to be a very true prediction. As soon as we arrived, someone decided he was hungry so it was time to eat right away and then it was time to sleep. On top of me having to feed him, it was also pouring down rain too and Sean had a hard time between down pours getting enough on the boat for him to put away.


Here is the little man trying out his new bed on the boat. He seemed to sleep pretty well in it but we will have to see when it comes to sleeping for a whole night in there. Untitled Untitled

After we got the boat loaded with as much as we could fit in the truck for this go round, we introduced the little man to several of the members of the Yacht Club that happened to be there that weekend as well. Then it was time to head home. We weren’t planning on staying as long as what we did but it was good to see others in the boat yard. We have a couple more weekends coming up that we will be spending the whole weekend there, we should be in for the real adventure then. 

The sign went up for the Kite Festival in our town right after the little man was born. Apparently he told dad that he wanted to go see the kites when mom wasn’t around. So this past weekend we went to the Kite Festival.

At first, we weren’t sure that we wanted to go because there were a lot of people.  The weather was nice and the parking wasn’t that far away so we decided to go for a bit. We put the sunglasses on and pulled out the stroller.
Untitled Up the hill we went and boy were we surprised to see how many kites were flying.
Untitled UntitledUntitled We even took some family pictures!

Little man has picked out the kite that Grandpa is going to build for him for next year. We can’t wait to see it!
Untitled UntitledThis is the first of many of Guyon the Great’s Adventures. Stay tuned for more. 


“When do I get to go to this so called boat that you people keep talking about?”

For some reason, I felt very accomplished that we made it a whole month. To me it felt like it lasted a long time, more than a month, but I guess that is good since it has been a lot of fun spending so much time with the little man. He really is a great baby and has been a great addition to our little family. Here are just a few things from your first month of life.



How Big Are You?
– At 2 weeks, you were 21 and 3/4 inches and 8 lbs 12 oz.You gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks.
– Your next appointment isn’t until you are 8 weeks old so I don’t know where you really stand at a month old.

What’s Your Temperament?
– You are a seriously good baby. Typically the only time that you get really upset with us is when you want your diaper changed or when you are hungry. And boy do you LOVE to eat.
– You like to be read to and don’t mind doing tummy time too much. You can handle doing it for almost 10 minutes at a time these days. You have started to be more alert in the afternoon and then it is back to sleep.

What Are You Eating?
– What are you not eating at this point? You eat every 2-3 hours, which wears momma out. You are a breastfed baby which means I have no idea how much you are really eating but I know that if I am not around every couple of hours, we are in trouble.

What Are you Sporting?
– You wore newborn clothes for about the first 2 weeks of your life. After that it has been 0-3 and 3 months clothes.
– You wore paper diapers for the first 2-2.5 weeks of your life until you were big enough to fit in your cloth diapers. Now you wear those pretty much every day and you rock them. You have showered both mom and dad. Dad got it the worst though with a straight shot to the face. You have only given mom the opportunity to experience the blowout diaper and pooping on mom.

How Are You Sleeping?
– You typically sleep during the day for about 1-2 hours between feeding. Lately, you have been staying more awake in the afternoons. You take your naps either in the Pack n Play or in your swing. You aren’t normally swaddled but if we really want you to sleep, we will swaddle you.
– At night, you still only sleep about 2-3 hours at a time. If we get 4 hours(which has only happened 2 or 3 times), we are jumping for joy. You sleep in your room every night and you sleep in either your fleece or cotton halo sack.
– Mom takes care of everything for you Sunday through Thursday nights so daddy can sleep and be ready for work. On Friday and Saturday night, daddy will help by going to get you and helping change your diaper.

Guyon Likes + Dislikes:
– Tummy time. We thought you weren’t going to like it but you really don’t mind it at all. – Reading books with mommy and daddy.
– Car rides and your swing. Both put you right to sleep.
– Riding in your stroller. This also puts you to sleep.

– Bath time. You normally scream through the entire thing.
– Being put in your bed if you aren’t asleep. You scream. Literally.
– Burping. You take after your father on this one and have the worst time burping.

Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Guyon Quirks + Milestones:
– Grandma and Grandpa were here for about 10 days to meet you and help mom and dad around the house. – Uncle Sam and Uncle Andrew flew into meet you for Easter weekend.
– You celebrated both St. Patrick’s Day and Easter in your first month.
– Grandpa was your first babysitter. Mom and Gigi went to do a couple of errands while you stayed at home.
– You got to put in the last piece of the puzzle that mom, dad, grandpa, and gigi built.
– You rolled over on April Fools’ Day. Thank goodness for video because no one would have believed mommy that it happened.
– Your first outing was to the Butcher shop and Richard’s Fish Market with Uncle Sam and Mommy.
– Your first bath at home was when you were 4 days old. You are probably tired of having a camera in your face all the time because mommy takes pictures of you everyday. That is all mommy’s phone is now, pictures of you.

More pictures from your first month. UntitledGoing home. UntitledFirst bath. UntitledUntitledDSC_9504UntitledDSC_9521UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledDSC_9584 Lion King re-enactment DSC_9598DSC_9602As close as we got to an Easter picture this year.

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