I am really looking forward to these upcoming events.

1. Our first shipment of Domaine Chandon wine club.

2. Opening weekend at Strasburg.

3. Going to NYC and Boston for the first time.

4. Seeing “Lion King” on Broadway.

5.Painting the bottom of the boat.

6. Decorating for Derby.

7. Biltmore with both sets of parentals.

8. Pool time.

9. Seeing family in New Jersey.

10. Spring weather.

Oprah does a list every year, so why can’t I make a list of some of my favorite things for 2014? Some of this stuff really helped to make my year easier, more enjoyable and just plain fun.

What made our favorite things list for 2014? Check it out below.

Favorite Things 2014

1. Coach Clutch – This was a gift I received from a good friend for being in her wedding. I love it. I use it all the time because it is the perfect size and matches everything.

2. Kaliochic Chevron laptop bag  – My laptop bag was falling apart really badly and I finally found a bag that I really liked. Now I absolutely love this bag. It has the right cushioning for my laptop and the right amount of storage for my other stuff for work.

3. Chandon – Oh Chandon, how I love you. Yes, by far my favorite drink of 2014. Oh and it didn’t help that I got to visit when we went to Napa. By far my go to Champagne.

4. Alex and Ani – On our Anniversary trip to Newport, I fell in love with the bracelet I got there. It is light weight but matches everything I wear, casual or dressed up.

5. Eddie Bauer blanket – This was a gift from my hubby. He found this on a shopping trip, while I was off at a shower for his cousin. This is the most lite weight, warm blanket we have every owned. I think it gets used almost every night on our couch when watching TV.

6. Under Armour Workout gear – So comfortable and the best gift I could get from my parents for my birthday. I wish I was in my workout gear all the time. Granted there are still times when I go for competitor products but my UA pants are winners. These pants get me through long workouts and keep me cool.

7. Nikon d800 – I love this camera! I have used this so much this year, it’s crazy. A couple of trips home, an outing with my dad, portraits for several of my cousins, and a vacation, why yes it really has gotten a work out. I even rented a lense for our vacation.

8. LLBean duffle bags – With all of the traveling we did this year, I don’t know what we would have done without these duffles. We each have one but they really came in handy on the trips home, the vacation, and all of the other traveling!

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