Now that our Christmas cards are out, I can post these. I have been waiting because I didn’t want anyone to know that we took these. The timer on my camera worked pretty well and we really did have a great time taking these pictures.
DSC_3244 copyDSC_3266 copyDSC_3272 copyDSC_3282bwDSC_3297 copyDSC_3299 copyDSC_3325 copyDSC_3328 copyDSC_3382 copyDSC_3414 copyDSC_3437

Just a few photos with leaves in the backyard!
DSC_3526 copyDSC_3538 copyDSC_3550 copyDSC_3561 copyDSC_3581

A couple of weekends ago we took Guyon to ride his first train. We spent the morning visiting the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and then rode the Strasburg Railroad in the afternoon.

Sean was super excited for this visit because Engine 460 was making its debut after being restored over a six year period of time. In honor of its debut, the Pennsylvania Heritage unit was also visiting and we were able to get up close and personal with an engine that runs on the rails today. It was really cool!
DSC_3468 copyDSC_3459 copy

DSC_3483 copyDSC_3485 copy
It also happened to be right before Veteran’s Day. In the aisle ways around the trains, there were displays of war memorabilia and people dressed in period clothing. It was a neat display. After the museum, it was off to ride the train.
DSC_3442 copyDSC_3450 copyDSC_3487 copy

Guyon loved it! So did his daddy and his grandpa! I am sure we will do many more of these in the future!
DSC_3495 copyDSC_3507 copyDSC_3516 copyDSC_3519 copy

We got Guyon his first wooden train too while we were visiting. He seems to really like to play with it.

DSC_3838 copyDSC_3818 copyDSC_3746 copyDSC_3736 copyDSC_3716 copyDSC_3680 copyDSC_3650 copy

How Big Are You?
About 22 pounds and 28 inches long. These are just estimations.

What’s Your Temperament?
Pretty chill unless you have an ear infection, you are teething, or not feeling great. You also let us know when you are bored. You will whine just so that we move you to a different part of the house or give you new toys to play with on the floor. You love sitting where you can see everything going on in the room.

What Are You Eating?
This month we transitioned to eating 3 meals a day and more solid foods. You may make a face the first time you taste it but you do eat like a champ.

What Are you Sporting?
12 month clothes all the time. You do have a couple of 18 month things that you wear too.

How Are You Sleeping?
This was a continuation of last month. It was a little rough again with another ear infection but you seem to be transitioning out of not waking up so much.

Guyon Likes + Dislikes:
– High fiving people
– Smiling
– Moving around
– Empty Water bottles
– Sitting in your high chair

– Medicine in general
– Being in the same place for a long period of time. You like to move around

Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Guyon Quirks + Milestones:
– Trunk or Treating at daycare. – October 14th
DSC_2766 copy
– Watched the Blue Angels take off from a nearby airport. – October 15thDSC_2782 copy
Picked apples at Milburns.- October 16th
DSC_2849 copy
– Visiting Granny and Grandpa
– Started scooting across the floor.
– First Halloween. You dressed up like a Train Engineer.
– Cut two more teeth. – November 12th
– Ear infection number 3.
– Visited Strasburg for the 1st time –
– Got your first wooden train
– You now sit in the laundry basket in the bathtub
– We call you a squirrel because you store so much food in your high chair for winter.
– You read “The Little Prince” with Daddy.

Where I am with you…
Daddy actually took this picture of us on the train!
DSC_3502 copy

Guyon’s daycare hosted a Trunk or Treat on Friday, a week ago. We were super excited about it since this is his 1st Halloween and also because Sean hasn’t ever really handed out candy before. His mom and dad’s house never had Trick or Treaters so it was fun for everyone.

We decorated the truck like a train with a smoke stack and tracks under the tires and a cross hatch sign but completely forgot to take pictures of the truck. Our little Engineer was pretty cute though!

DSC_2733 copyDSC_2737 copyDSC_27381DSC_2739 copyDSC_2766 copyDSC_2773 copyDSC_2774 copy

Happy Halloween!

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