The sign went up for the Kite Festival in our town right after the little man was born. Apparently he told dad that he wanted to go see the kites when mom wasn’t around. So this past weekend we went to the Kite Festival.

At first, we weren’t sure that we wanted to go because there were a lot of people.  The weather was nice and the parking wasn’t that far away so we decided to go for a bit. We put the sunglasses on and pulled out the stroller.
Untitled Up the hill we went and boy were we surprised to see how many kites were flying.
Untitled UntitledUntitled We even took some family pictures!

Little man has picked out the kite that Grandpa is going to build for him for next year. We can’t wait to see it!
Untitled UntitledThis is the first of many of Guyon the Great’s Adventures. Stay tuned for more. 

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